Rudium Residence

Crafted the website for a real estate development based in Ploiesti, Romania.


The Project

The client is a real estate developer, who has succesfully built a residential ensemble in Ploiesti, Romania.

As making the advantages of a property stand out is crucial to selling it fast, we’ve been asked to create a website for them that could showcase all their houses.


The Challenge

– Sending a clear message to the final customer, searching for a new home

– Making it easy to navigate through alot of information

– Turning their requests & needs into a website while sticking to a relatively small budget


The sollution

– Structuring large visual information in an inteligible fashion

– User experience > prioritising the information displayed in page based on the marketing strategy.

– Choosing a WordPress Theme for time & cost efficiency


Tools & Skills

– WordPress
– Figma
– Photoshop / Photopea

Skills: – Research – Coding (HTML 5, CSS 3, JS & jQuery, PHP)